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Back at the beginning of 2011 I was booked to style a shoot for an Australian Designer, it was only the second styling job that I had ever undertaken so you can imagine I was feeling a little nervous but quietly excited.  Luckily on the call sheet were a few familiar names, but one person who I had not met before was the videographer for the day Nat Lanyon.  A tall, mildly dishevelled dude, he was both talented and sarcastically charismatic to the point that by the end of the day, most of the crew were enamoured by his magnetic sense of humour.   Fast forward to 2016 and I’ve been lucky enough to work with Nat on both my personal style editorials and on copious high profile projects, a true friend and colleague, whose images now grace the pages of such publications as Elle USA to Monster Children.

Today I have the honour of sharing some of Nat’s personal work, a small teaser from his first photographic journal named Sun Escape.  Shot by Nat on 35mm film Sun Escape is a collection of images of friends and models that he has worked with over the past 2 years, from the beautiful sands of Australia, to Indonesian islands and across to California.   A massive congratulations Nato on capturing some of those elusive moments in between, the moments when your friend laughs because her bikini came untied, dove into the icy cold waters of the Pacific or simply brushed the sand from her cheek.  Dudes if you haven’t yet got your hands on a copy then you’ll need to strike while the iron’s hot, Nat has produced a limited run of Sun Escape available here .. hot off the press like buns in the oven ..

A very special mention to Chloe from She Made Me for her collaborative swimsuits and girls pictured above ..

Amanda Griffith  .  Anne Sofie Lift  .  Cailin Russo  .  Cassy Gerasimova  .  Gigi Midgley  .  Hannah McDougall  .  Jana Krugar  .  Jazmine Hikaka  .  Laura Evans  .  Loris Kramerh  .  Sammantha Hopper

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