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This week at OF HQ we have been channeling the Wes Anderson vibes where the unusual, witty, meticulous and richly detailed are all prerequisites. And just when we thought we’d had enough (said no one ever) this Sunday Sanctuary came along. Known as the Curatorial House, this is where a collaboration between Architect Luke Moloney and interior designers Juliette Arent and Sarah-Jane Pyke was born.

Design references from the 1930s era through subtle nods to Hollywood’s glamour days are evident in this beautiful abode. Home to a curator’s family, the hand of the designers remain unseen, showing the art to be altered without any disruption to the visual rhythm.

The richness of the buildings heritage and its spacial volume provide a foundation where a pared back monochrome palatte and statement pieces provide a sense of dynamism.
All in all we can picture another Wes Anderson film shot in that very staircase…. xx

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