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This week I have felt the need and the desire to get back to basics. Where was my first stop… Tumblr of course.

The old school mood board and source of inspiration for many years and many projects. There is a definite ease and nostalgic feeling when getting back in the groove of tumblr, I can feel the creative juices starting to flow… All the more wanting to mood board the next Oracle Fox Journal editorial   – and whats more the discovery of beautiful interiors such as this weeks Sunday Sanctuary.

Juniper Tedhmas is the artist behind this beautiful interior, her design work has been equally informed over 15 years within the antiques business. Tedhams holds a curators eye for the unusual and has attracted a loyal following of architects, stylists and interior designers over the years.

It comes then, as no surprise, the space is as breathtaking, as it is minimalist and spacious. With an abundance of natural timber and hardwood, and the use of only the best antique furniture.

Attention to detail is takes the eye on a journey of discovery where each space is styled with an encompassing calming effect.

Carefully curating textures, finishes and furnishings including marble, timber and granite in a neutral colour palette—each room is perfectly put together, with each almost better than the last…

Juniper Tedhams  .  Pinterest  .  Tumblr



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