Superfront releases a new colored front, Silent Greige

“It’s a mature and timeless colour that you see more if you look outside Sweden’s borders,” says founder and designer Monica Born. And since our customers are largely international, Silent Greige complements our palette in a very natural way.”

Swedish company Superfront has been making fronts, legs and handles for IKEA cabinets, kitchen and bathrooms for a few years now. I remember visiting their STHLM showroom in 2013 when they were quite brand new and the concept of customizing IKEA products was new and exciting.
Their newest release is a color collection they’ve named “Silent Greige” as a color who will not beg for attention but rather blend modestly into a multiplicity of environments. The collection is available online today and can also been seen in their showrooms.

Photography by Fanny Hansson and styling by Linnéa Salmén.