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‘FASHION VS FUNCTION’ is often a debate when it comes to the ‘it’ piece of the day. Tiny sunglasses have been a necessity for many seasons now, but aren’t necessarily necessary.

Puffer jackets too puffy to move in, handbags too tiny even for tic tacs and statement shoulders so big the only way in the door is via side shuffle. But let’s not forget there have been very welcome reprieves on the fashion front… Sneakers (although the stranger the better) have made for some happier feet than usual, and the ever so comfy mom jean is back and won’t be going anywhere in a hurry (to our collective thanks.) 

Our relationship with what we wear each day is both complicated and beautiful, our clothes are a form of self expression and share who we are without having to utter a word. And while I abide by the theory of having a uniform, I have also become a big believer in the power of chameleon dressing; reworking ones wardrobe to their location, playfully blending in with the surroundings. 

So on this particular vacation with my nearest and dearest, a relaxed safari vibe was in the air, thanks to the perfect pieces from  MATCHESFASHION.COM, and these slithery themed accessories from Bottega Venetta, All Blues & Gucci that meet the snake memo.  

Perhaps another item that could be referenced in the fashion vs function argument is the bucket hat,  and it’s recent resurgence into our sartorial wish lists. While it may remain misunderstood by some, I am all in on this trend. Functionality wise, it ticks the boxes, having been invented in the 1900’s by Irish farmers who created them out of canvas or heavy wool in 

order to be water repellent, while the downward sloping brim worked to keep the rain away from eyes. For me, 90’s nostalgia also scores heavily in ‘pros’ column for the bucket hat with icons of the time such as Oasis & Naomi Campbell famously snapped wearing their fave sloping brims.

Sometimes the question really isn’t fashion vs function, but more what is the function of the fashion you choose to wear? Is it self expression? A comfortable uniform for your day to day? Or perhaps a homage to your current surroundings. 

 No matter where you are lie on this issue, I think we can all agree that certain trends come back in vogue simply because they are fun to wear… And there is a bucket full of fun to be had with them.. x

Bottega Veneta : Wrap-around snake-effect leather sandals  .

Gucci: Snakeskin – trimmed embroidered hat 


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