Swedish Brunch With Building Feasts & kikki.K

I recently had the pleasure of attending an exceptional Swedish brunch in honour of the launch of kikki.K‘s new range, Svenska Hem. The food and drinks were prepared and cooked for us by Hanna Goldsmith of Building Feasts, a food blog with delicious recipes that will have you dying to get in the kitchen.

We started with a sensational juice made from beetroot, blood orange, apple and ginger which was served in a very cute carafe. I’m usually wary of juices with beetroot in as they can taste quite earthy but combined with the sweetness of the blood orange it was anything but. Hanna then taught us all how to make her baked oats with berries and banana, a great alternative to porridge (my usual breakfast). It’s so simple to make, you can find the recipe here.

Next up, was a lesson in gravadlax, a classic Swedish dish that turns out to be easy-peasy to make too, it just takes a little forethought as it needs 48 hours to prepare. Hanna served it with a wonderful rye bread she gets from Snaps & Rye on Golbourne Road and on a gorgeous wooden tray from the Svenska Hem range.

And as if that wasn’t enough, she then taught us the art of the bundt cake; instructing us on how to make our own, as well as giving us a visually stunning and tasty example to try.

I’m now an absolute convert to the Swedish brunch, bring it on.

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