WEARING: Melissa Araujo Vest Dress, H&M Leather Jacket & Pants, Nike Top, Celine Trio Bag Tibi Mules and 8 Other Reasons Rings.My first week in Mexico has been amazing, people are so friendly and outgoing, the food is authentic and delicious. The weather has been exactly what I expected, nice and warm which means that I have just been hanging out at the beach everyday. Nothing like some time off to make you appreciate what you already have and recharge yourself to start new things.With a few days left before Christmas, I hope you are all doing well, happy and feeling positive. Once again I want to express my gratitude towards all of you, who week after week come to see and read about what I am up to, share your comments, likes and dislikes. I am very thankful. Happy Holidays everyone!Photography: Carmin Edwards