The Aforementioned

This girl is never not on the hunt for the perfect dress, alongside the other unicorn in my life .. the perfect French onion soup (cue ad-lib trip to Paris anyone?).

Anywho, where the latter may require further searching tbc stay tuned to my friends out there with like-minded quams in the cuisine department, something different can be said for the aforementioned of the two.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Kym Ellery’s masculine/feminine tailoring on high rotation,  however this time thanks to MATCHESFASHION.COM something more ladylike has caught my eye.

Ellery Resort 2018 recently bore the fruit of this little number, a dress for the girl who’s checklist consists of sleeves one could only dream of, French cuisine forgiving rushing and the kind of proportions that one looks for when it comes to searching for that life-changing smock.

So maybe I’ll meet you in Paris and we can hunt down the ultimate French onion soup together, and I’ll give you one guess as to what I’ll be wearing when we meet .. x

dress: Ellery  .  shoes: Balenciaga Knife Boots  .  sunglasses: Celine

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