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As I walk down the street where I live, I notice how strange I must look.  Walk is probably not the right word either .. slink, meander or even drunkenly shuffle would probably be better words to describe the movement that I would otherwise prefer to deem as walking.

With the kind of sunglasses that generally give off a “I wouldn’t trust me” vibe, a handbag shaped like a triangle and stove-pipe houndstooth trousers tailored to perfection, I guess I don’t typically fit in with the general holiday maker or sun-tanned backpacker that frequent my local hood.  Alas I’ve never really been one to naturally blend in with the locals even if I tried.  But I guess who would want to fit in anyway when you can get your hands on Balenciaga Pre-Fall 17 .. I rest my case.

Let’s list the benefits shall we.  The Cosmetic pant, a trouser that instantly will enhance your height by 8 inches without one even having to leave the room.  This season’s must have the Triangle Pochette,  just big enough to smuggle away your iPhone and cool enough to catch the attention of the right crew.   The Hotel Diamond Keyring, sneakily suggestive and strangely mysterious all in one ‘turn of the key’.  And lastly the IT shoe of the moment, the Balenciaga Knife boot, you’re feet will be the envy of every ballet flat in the room.  Thanks to my peeps at MATCHESFASHION.COM these babies can all be found in one place and with a scroll of ‘Just In’ just like that, a box of Demna’s latest offerings were on their way.

And I’m sure that you don’t need any further encouragement, but with a little added advice from my mum I bid you adieu.  When it comes to fashion girls it’s better to be remembered by making an impact than not to be remembered at all, of course a little Balenciaga doesn’t go astray either and with that standing out from the crowd never felt so good.. x

Cosmetic trousers: Balenciagia  .  triangle clutch:  Balenciaga  .  Keyring:  Balenciaga  .  boots: Balenciaga ‘Knife’ 

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