Here we are with the third appointment about my new house! (See the previous interior posts here, in case you missed them!).

After a couple of weeks of deciding how to decorate my new bedroom I believe it is finally time to share some pictures with you. I am always spending considerable time deciding every detail, so the house decoration is not going very fast. But I really enjoy taking our time in doing this, considering we have a whole life to spend in here!!

Our first floor is mainly white.. white wooden floors, doors and white walls. My main goal is to keep the bedroom simple but at the same time stylish and first of all, choosing a good quality, comfort mattress was my main concern.

That’s why I chose Eve Sleep!

Not only for the mattress, but also the bed frame and linen sheets are from Eve Sleep. When I found out I could sort out the whole bed situation just from one brand I was so nicely impressed!

          It puts together simplicity with a chic touch. Check out the pictures, as I cannot wait to see what you guys think of it!!          

The first thing that always popped up my mind when thinking about my bedroom was definitely the type and quality of the mattress. It is probably the most fundamental and basic item for your new place. I tried so many different mattresses in my life but the one from Eve Sleep won. It is soft enough and super comfortable with such firmness level that makes it just right.

The grey bed frame is simple but gives a chic touch to the bedroom. It was super easy to put it together but at the same time the quality is still high. You wouldn’t believe how short time it took me to do it all without any struggle. And it looks amazing!!

I think you have to treat bedding as another design piece in your bedroom. I picked white and grey colors that matched perfectly with the whole room. The Eve Sleep bedding I picked is made of linen and gives you a soft feeling, which makes me want to go sleep early every night (haha).

As a final touch I filled up the bedroom with green plants making the room cozy and warm. I think plants always put a bit of life in any room of your house. To create extra cosines I added few candles and decorations here and there. They always add more atmosphere to the room especially during the winter season. I am still on the hunt for antique bedside tables and prints to hang to the wall.. so stay tuned for some decorations update very soon!!

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  Created in collaboration with Eve Sleep. Story, styling, creative direction and photography my own. SaveSave
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