The Decisive Seconds – CHANEL J12


What does it mean to make a spontaneous decision? To go left instead of right, to say yes instead of no, or to follow a path based on pure instinct rather than logic.  These moments in time, like tiny fragments, make up a bigger picture of where life leads us and they often come down to the seconds, ticking along just as quickly as the (time) hands? on a clock.
To some of us, a watch is an accessory, to others, it’s a tool, however excitingly when it comes to CHANEL’s new J12, it’s all about the ‘decisive seconds’. The sentiment of owning a beautiful watch not only lies in the aesthetics of how it may appear on one’s wrist but in what each second stands for, moments of (like) treasures captured forever.
On a personal level, the pathways that have led me here today talking to you came down to decisive seconds.  Like serendipity, I feel as though everything happens for a reason and without knowing the exact direction of where I hoped the journey would take me, I seem to be exactly where I need to be.  Life has a funny way of unfolding before you, since beginning my site I grew a team of amazing women, moved house, lost someone very close to me, spoke on a panel for Vogue, danced with Mick Jagger, and have watched countless sunsets unfold over the rooftops of Paris.  Some moments are magical and others challenging but all of them put together make up the time capsule of who we are, and nothing is more meaningful than that.
Recently I travelled to Paris to capture CHANEL’s new J12 watch upon a backdrop rich in art and beauty, a reflection of how another creative has used decisive seconds to sculpt their own pathway.  Amongst gardens of manicured topiaries and hand sculpted marble,  hands have created this beauty in abundance, and it was beauty on a hand, in turn, we hoped to create.
 The new J12 watch is polished in white or black ceramic, sporty and aesthetically on point, with a self-winding movement exclusive to CHANEL, made for any encounter life presents.  The J12 has the functionality of a sports watch and the beauty of jewellery piece to be treasured with the link bracelet being one of my favourite features, and of course, the CHANEL typeface being the ultimate final touch.
A watch is one’s, constant companion, it is a source of comfort that the time has arrived, the excitement that the time is yet to come and a reminder that time can quickly tick by…. And I can think of no greater companion for a woman than CHANEL, a relationship that is truly ‘timeless’… x


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