The Enigma

If only my wardrobe could talk .. ohhhhh the secrets it would tell.  Stories of how at least once every year my closet gets so messy that you cannot see the floor, how some new things still hang with the price tags still attached, and even more embarrassingly how there has been the odd occasion and let me reiterate ‘odd’ occasion, where shoes have not returned to their correct home and have in fact stayed on my feet from a night that was too good and bed too tempting.  Oh yes indeed slightly embarrassing but I’m sure .. please tell me that you understand?!  Anywho another secret this mysterious closet may reveal is an early obsession with all things leopard print.  In recent years however the leopard has been forgotten, passed on to a more appreciative owner until now.  Thanks to Versace and Dontella’s ability to make even a ra-ra skirt appealing, my leopard obsession has returned.  Mmm I’m not sure if it’s true that a leopard can’t change her spots.. xx

blue leopard print blazer: Versace or affordable option here .  black leather crop: Winston Wolfe or affordable option here  .  black pants: Acne or affordable option here .  bag: Saint Laurent  .   sunglasses: Celine  .  shoes: Mode Collective  .  rings: Alex & Ernest , Ford & Harris 

photography: Madelyn Wray