The Essence Of Me

I have always romanticized the idea of having a signature scent. For over 10 years I was completely loyal to Chanel No 5 – but then life changed, I changed (obviously between 17 and 28) and suddenly that signature scent didn’t feel ‘very me’ anymore. It took me a while to find a new scent that hit the spot and now, almost 2 years later, I haven’t regained that loyalty for one scent. I have switched from Byredo (twice), to Le Labo, all the while keeping my good ol’ pal Chanel in mind too, of course. Because the idea of staying faithful to one perfume and completely embracing it as a part of you is something I, as a slightly sentimental person, really love.

But what happens over the years, when life changes, you change, your personality grows and suddenly that one nice scent doesn’t cut it anymore? I have a variety of perfumes now stowed away in my sideboard (after all, you shouldn’t leave them in the daylight as it affects the scent), and I like them all, but the act of wearing various scents kind of makes me feel schizophrenic – as if I cater to several “me’s” – because there is no obvious connection between them, no similarity at the core if you will. Sounds a bit dramatic.

But then I was invited to Frau Tonis Parfum: a manufacturer of exquisite perfumes here in Berlin. I had the chance to custom create my own scent, choosing a combination of 3 of their scents, mixing them by hand (which is a little more scientific than that, obviously) and creating a unique perfume. Awesome! I was super excited and curious to see what the result of my customization would be like… would I finally have the scent that embodies ‘me’? It was quite the challenge to choose the final scents to create my perfume; I wanted to ensure I’d pick the perfect combination. Despite knowing what I like (powdery, elegant) and “dislike” (very fresh, very floral), I carefully gave every scent a chance and tried not to go for the obvious notes. Really, I tried…

But I guess I didn’t stick to Chanel for so many years for no reason… perhaps that elegant, powdery, romantic and “old” (lady?) smell, which was kind of the combination of my 3 top scents, is me at the core. It wasn’t a surprise to me, really. What I did find interesting though, was that the fragrances individually also really captured… me. Which made me realize that, perhaps, the reason why I found it so hard to find the one right perfume for me, was that there are different sides to me (as to any person), and I was trying to basically find the right scent that would capture the different essences of me

ÉTÉ ÉTERNEL / A rich, bloomy, sunny fragrance that resembles the dream of an eternal summer. To me: fresh, light, hopeful, happy

SMINTA / Powdery and intoxicating, this fragrance smells slightly seductive. To me: elegant, feminine, love, eye for beauty

VALERIA / A powerful and revitalizing scent that calls to the senses. To me: confident, focused, certain, go-getter

I love each fragrance individually so much as well, that I decided to get one of each as part of the scent box. The perfect size for on-the-go or to layer your scents differently. Also, tip: I now often match my fragrance to my -desired- mood or occasion. It makes for the perfect (power) accessory ;-)

And because I’d love for you to experience some of Frau Tonis Parfums too, I’m giving away a customized (by me!) scent box on Instagram! Make sure to check out this Instagram post to enter the GIVEAWAY. Open worldwide until August 16!