The Fashion Artists

When it comes to Viktor and Rolf a picture speaks a thousand words .. literally.  Inside the Gallery of Victoria, one of Australia’s most prestigious National Galleries lies and exhibition of Fashion Week worthy proportions.

Whoever said that it was rude to draw on the walls may want to think again, as 4 large illustrative walls housing some of Viktor and Rolf’s most iconic Couture pieces, enclose part of the collection.  You may have already read my interview and visual diary with Viktor and Rolf about the ‘Viktor and Rolf: Fashion Artists” exhibition here.

As part of our Creative Collaboration with Viktor and Rolf and the NGV we also had the opportunity to create a bespoke editorial.  When conversations began earlier in the year around shooting an editorial surrounding the exhibition, flying in Couture looks from the Amsterdam HQ sounded like a fantasy too good to be true.

So with much co-ordination, story boarding and serendipity, the dream became a reality.  With less than a 2 hour window, 3 Haute Couture looks from  the Victor and Rolf ‘Vagabond’ Collection and a team of 9, the pressure was on.  As one of my closest friends always says “Pressure makes diamonds” and for an insight into what it’s like to shoot an editorial in such a short timeframe with one of the best teams in the business, we’ve directed a short film for you guys as well.

In situations like this you don’t really know what you’re able to achieve until the day and in the words of Viktor and Rolf  ‘Couture is like a laboratory for experimentation’ .. let the alchemy begin.

All couture pieces by Viktor & Rolf

Photography: Emily Abay  .  Hair & Makeup: Jamie Richardson  .  Videography: Good Greif Productions

A very special thank you to the wonderful team at the National Gallery of Victoria & our beautiful friends at L’oral Luxe for making this all possible.

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