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Are you a creature of habit? I can admit that there are some things that I can’t stay away from…let’s see, Victoria Beckham’s youtube videos, hummus ice-cream and of course more to the point in this scenario, neutrals.  That’s right friends, you might have noticed that my love of ice-cream has had an influence on my other favourite palette, and this girl cannot get enough cream, beige or ivory .. mm my stomach is rumbling.

Pairing colours from the same muted base is a clean and classic way to integrate key trends of the season without looking as though you’re going too far.  One of my favourite inspirations for this look came from the  a recent editorial from Matches Fashion with the iconic Robyn Wright, who has an inherent knack for always looking perfectly natural, if you’ll pardon the pun.

So if you’re feeling like all white and you’d like to head to the lighter side of the colour blocking game, start dreaming of cream … and don’t forget the feeling is neutral.

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