The Gabrielle Effect

Hermoine Granger was not the first girl to yearn for a bag that could hold a multitude of tricks.

For every situation a girl like me likes to smuggle away .. her passport (you never know when you’re going to have to make a quick getaway), a room stopping man-trancing perfum, her technical gadgets and of course her favourite polaroids from that time we danced until dawn.

Just like that ..with the wave of a magic wand, Chanel have presented us with the Gabrielle Bag.   For those with a penchant for a good Hobo there’s this guy above, my kind of partner in crime, the perfect shoulder bag to get a girl out of any situation.  Then there’s the Gabrielle drawstring bag, the backpack and the shopping tote .. do you think that it would be greedy to collect one of each?  Surely not!

Anywho, I’d like to announce that this is the start of a beautiful friendship and the best is yet to come .. x

Get your bag of tricks .. here

photography: Emily Delphine

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