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A fireplace can add great aesthetic value to a room. It can also be a significant contributor to making a house a home. The fireplace provides a warm and cozy feeling that almost everybody will love. The mantle of the fireplace is the thing that surrounds it. There are many different kinds of mantels, each one providing a unique and exciting use or look. A mantle goes a long way toward making the fireplace look the best it can. Here are 20 popular fireplace mantles you can choose from.


Some mantles can also act as a shelf. These types of mantles wrap around the fireplace and stay completely sturdy and flat on top. This allows for things to be placed on top of the fireplace. The most common things put on a fireplace are items like family photos and things that help decorate the house. If the fireplace is located in the living room, some people will place the TV on top of it. This can only be done if there is an electrical outlet nearby, or you have an extension cord. This kind of mantle can be made out of almost any material as long as the content can stay flat on top to act as a shelf. A shelf is great for a fireplace mantel.


Surrounding mantles are commonly very large. These mantles are mainly used in large rooms. If you place a mantle like this around your fireplace, make sure there is enough room, as these kinds of mantles take up a lot of space. Surrounding mantles surround the whole fireplace and make the fireplace the main decoration in the room. Since the mantle is so big, a lot of attention will be drawn to the fireplace.


Rustic mantels should only be used if your home has a rustic aesthetic. A rustic mantle in a modern home will look out of place, so make sure you only use a rustic one if your home looks rustic as well. Rustic mantels are most commonly made to look like old wood or red brick.


Victorian fireplaces are just like rustic ones in that they have to match the theme of the house. If you have a Victorian-style house, a Victorian mantle will fit in. Victorian mantles are often more expensive than others.


Wood is one of the most common materials for fireplace mantles. This is because it has a simple look and is easy to build. You can never go wrong with a subtle wood mantel. Wood mantles also fit in very well with several different styles of homes.


Modern mantles provide a sleek and clean look. A modern look often conveys the idea of wealth and sophistication. Modern mantels are very simple and do not offer a lot of decoration. They are still very nice and pleasing to the eye.


Beach style mantles are unique. They mix both a rustic style and modern style together. Beach style mantles fit best in beach-style homes. You can also place items on top of beach style mantles that contribute to the beach aesthetic. These items can be decorations like shells or little sailboats.


Craftsman-style mantels are often bold yet simple. They stand out while also being less noticeable than some other styles. This is because their boldness fits in very well with a craftsman-style home. Craftsman-style homes are often effortless and clean but have a lot of decoration making them stand out.


Metal fireplace mantels are uncommon, but they are certainly interesting. They contribute well to an industrial-style home. They are also easy to paint if you desire a new color.

Manufactured Wood

Manufactured wood and normal wood look almost identical. The only difference is the manufactured wood is a little bit cheaper. If you’re on a budget and still desire a nice wood mantel, manufactured wood is perfect.


Glass mantels contribute to a modern-style home. Glass has a spotless and sophisticated look.


Marble is just like glass as it fits in well with a modern-style home. The main difference is marble isn’t see-through, and marble can have designs on it. Marble mantels are also much more sturdy than glass. It is much more likely that glass will break than marble.


Limestone mantels are very similar to marble ones. They are similar in texture, but limestone is much more straightforward and will not stand out as well as marble mantels. If you are looking for something simpler, limestone is the perfect option.

Hand Carved

Hand-carved mantels are for people who appreciate hard work. If you admire the hard work of people, you will enjoy a hand-carved mantel in your home.


Some mantels can also act as a spot to store things. This can happen with both drawers in the mantels and a shelf on top. Mantels with drawers are also very big because they need to have space to hold things. These drawers will often be over the fireplace and under the shelf. You can keep any sort of items in the drawers as long as they are small enough to fit.


Purchasing an unfinished mantle will allow you to have complete control over what it will look like. You can paint it or even carve it however you like. You can work on it, but make sure the end result matches your home.


Traditional mantels are very similar to modern mantels. They are both very simple and clean. The main difference is the material. While modern mantels are typically made of glass or marble, traditional ones are made out of wood or stone.


Industrial mantels are normally made of metal or stone. They are often gray or bronze, as they are made to look like the inside of a warehouse.

Cast Stone

Cast stone is a cheaper version of the typical stone. They are made out of stone chippings and look very similar to standard stone.


Distressed mantels are made out of wood that has started to peel.

There are a bunch of different styles of fireplace mantels. Some are more expensive while others are cheap. It is good to choose a mantle that fits the style of your home.