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As a teenager I incurred several sports related injuries, which by chance were all on the right hand side of my body.  At some point in time since then I visited a physic who told me that this was due to the fact that the right side of ones body is masculine, the left side is feminine and that I should try to be less of a tomboy.  Sigh… less of a tomboy?  What would that mean?  Hanging out more with mum in the kitchen?  Enrolling in some kind of etiquette lessons?  Swapping my loafers for kitten heels? Actually the last part recently happened but you can’t blame a girl for that one right?

Being a tomboy has always been part of my DNA but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had a love for all things sartorial.  However, the relationship between makeup and yours truly on the other hand, has at times been something of a tumultuous relationship.  As a modern girl whose life is all about multi-tasking, there is no such thing as a typical ‘day in the life of’, as you can see from the above, sometimes the office is a field of long dry grass and a regular day involves a million different tasks. So just making sure that I get out the door on time, makeup has regularly been something that I do in the car (sisters, you know that you’ve been there).

A quick slick of mascara, a pat down of foundation and maybe a hit of eyeliner (because it’s so frenchy so chic) and I’m yours.  On a day to day basis ladies, we know what works for us and we know our go-to routine.

There are however certain beauty items that I cannot live without.   When I first started in the industry a makeup artist friend of mine gave me a bottle of Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation to try and I’ve been using it ever since.  I’m such a fan of Luminous Silk I would consider it a necessity in my routine,  kind of similar in a way that I would consider a black blazer a wardrobe staple.  But, sometimes your wardrobe staple needs a little hit of that IT accessory to step things up a notch … enter the My Armani To Go Cushion.  Sleek and enticing enough to have your bestie wanting to try it, matte yet luminous enough to give your skin the GiGi Hidad effect all day long, and compact enough to whip out anytime of the day your bff wants to sneak a girl-fie (thats a girlfriends selfie FYI for those not in the know).

So I guess you don’t need little ol’ me to give you an excuse to add the this beauty essential to your repertoire.  But as we all know in the same way a girl needs a damn fine pair of shoes to go with that outfit, it can only be of added benefit to carry the IT beauty product of our time for her touch ups. Car makeup routines will never be the same again, thanks for head start Armani Beauty..x

Find these Armani Beauty looks here: My Armani To Go New Iconic Cushion  .  Luminous Silk Foundation

art direction + styling: Amanda Shadforth  .  photographer: Natalie McKain .  videography: Mick Antuar  .  hair: Penny Antuar  .  assistant: Paul Castle

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