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Like bower birds, many of us (I myself included) are attracted to small shiny things.  Fine gold rings, lucky charm necklaces, statement earrings and even a brooch or two might make it into your very own bower bird nest of treasures.  But there is one item of jewellery that I wear no matter what the occasion or vibe, an item of jewellery that is functional, allowing those like yours truly here, to at least attempt to be on time.

Yes my cozy compatriots, there is nothing like a great watch to define your signature style, a pragmatic piece of jewellery that allows one to make a quiet statement about their own personal style.  I might admit that I’m prone to the charms of a good looking watch, any excuse to invest in jewellery from a practical point of view.

So on that note I recently teamed up with my lovely friends from Tiffany and Co. to direct a series of images in celebration of one of their most iconic timepieces the Tiffany and Co. Atlas watch.   Inspired by the monumental Atlas clock above the entrance to the Tiffany & Co. flagship store on Fifth Avenue, what girl wouldn’t wish for a better excuse to indulge.  Uber chic and timeless of course (pardon the pun), hands down this could be our new favourite accoutrement du jour.  With a smattering of diamonds, and being the perfect wearable size for everyday, this lovely piece could be the new one to watch .. if you catch my driftI am certainly going to be watching time more closely from now on, who knows I might even be on time… Atlas’t’.

creative direction: Amanda Shadforth  .  photography: Natalie McKain  .  hair & makeup: Penny Antuar

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