Posted on: 04/15/2015 Posted by: Jennifer Hagler Comments: 0

Some time ago I recall talking to a friend that I was on the hunt for the perfect cups. Something with a subtle texture and soft, rounded shape and no handle. I was pretty excited when I found ceramic artist Mette Duedahl and her line of work. Even more exciting was finding that Mimmi Staff (who has one of the best and beautifully curated webshops on all the internet) agreed to ship some to me!
I patiently waited their arrival from Sweden and yesterday they came.
I love the handmade quality and uniqueness that each cup has, an original pattern of fine spots delicately covers each one. The texture is smooth but not too much, it retains that hand crafted feeling that makes these so special. Also, the finish is matte but the inside in glazed, of course, so the details are really excellent.
You know when you find something you love, a t shirt or the perfect bra, you want to go back and buy multiples? With these cups I have that very feeling…