The Row Resort ’16

Luxury meets with functionality in The Row Resort ’16 collection. Soft, loose fabrics hang all the way to the floor in shades of blush, rose, cream and charcoal grey. Tailoring is intentionally unrestrained but precise, for example the double-breasted suit in dark teal. There’s a touch of the utilitarean in some designs, jackets with four flap pockets and waist cinching belts. Feminity is subtle in shape but is shown in the reveal of a décollage, the softer tones of the palette and the luxurious fabrics.

The Olsen’s look has always been refined, a little more mature than their years would suggest but they continue to prove that this is a look they cherish and fully understand. This has been recognised by the CFDA winning the Womenswear Designer award for the second time in three years.


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