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The Secret Garden, a place where one can escape to a secluded space to be immersed in ivy covered walls and enchanted trees. A place of complete privacy for one to gather their thoughts and enjoy the simple pleasures of sitting among greenery and basking in the stillness… While real life is a different reality these days, this beautiful editorial has me feeling all sorts of tranquility.

I’m sure you will agree that in a world where secret gardens are somewhat difficult to come by, this Journal submission has provided a daily dose of peaceful serenity for us all. And for that we can thank the uber talented team of photographer Hellen Livshuk, stylist Iryna Khasyshyn, makeup & hairstyle Grinyuk Anastasia and the ever so beautiful Kristina Fedyk.

Your secret is safe with us.. xx

photography: Hellen Livshuk  .  stylist: Imyna Khasyshyn  .  makeup & hairstyle Grinyuk Anastasia  .   model:Kristina Fedyk of MMA Ok’s Models Management




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