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Families like to gather to watch a movie, visit, or simply relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. The living room offers the space they need to enjoy these activities. How can a person make the most of their living room?

When designing a layout for the living room, take into account the way you live. Determine the main reason the room will be used, as a place for entertaining differs greatly from one that is used for quiet activities.

Decide on a Floor Plan

Do you want an open floor plan, one where the room opens to others in the house? This allows people to interact even when they are in different rooms. In contrast, the living room plan only works best when the space will be used as a retreat where a person can read a book or have a quiet conversation. Some people decide on a broken floor plan—an open plan broken up by semi-permanent partitions or doors that open and close.

Room Elements

Elements in the room play a role in which options should be selected. For example, a person might read speaker reviews at and decide they want an audio system in the room. An open floor plan might be ideal because it allows others in the home to enjoy the music. On the other hand, a family might want the room enclosed so others can’t hear this same music.

Choose a Focal Point

Select a focal point for the room, keeping in mind how the room will be used. A room where people gather to enjoy movies may have the TV as the focal point. In contrast, when the room serves as a refuge from others, art over the fireplace may serve as the focal point.


Consider the lighting in the room. If the living area benefits from ample natural light, place the furniture so everyone can enjoy the view outdoors. When the room will be used for reading or other quiet activities, invest in lighting designed for the tasks that will routinely be carried out. This might be a reading light or a light designed for those who do crafts.

The Flow of Traffic

Place furniture so people can easily move throughout the room. Nobody wants to have their movie repeatedly interrupted when other family members walk in front of the set to get from one place to another. A person who is trying to read a book won’t want their chair placed right by the door where noise from other parts of the home is most noticeable. Try different configurations to find the right setup for the space.

Incorporate Storage Space

A functional living room encourages people to make use of the space. Make certain they can do so easily without being forced to move things from other parts of the home before getting settled. Set aside space for storing items that family members will want or need when they are in the room. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness when they aren’t running back and forth between two locations to get what they need.

These serve as a few of the many ways a person can make the most of their living room. Don’t hesitate to look for other ideas, as the goal is to create the ideal area for every member of the home. When you achieve this, you’ll find family members come together more often and enjoy the time they spend together when they do.