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botanist – noun: a biologist specialising in the study of plants. 

I wonder if perhaps a plant ‘obsession’ could make me at least an honorary Botanist for a day or two. Having grown up on a farm I’ve always had a love for nature and wide open spaces, I’ve never met a plant I didn’t like and have been known to climb a tree or two well into adulthood… when the age of this being a socially acceptable hobby has well and truly passed.

I have known about this beautiful garden for a while now (a place that could just as easily be the inspiration for a Monet painting) and have been waiting for the perfect moment to shoot here. Enter the incredible Oroton team and their beautiful Autumn 2019 collection, The Botanist. So here we are, finding ourselves with a true dream scenario; A secret garden, a theme and a collection of delectable Oroton pieces.

It’s only natural for designers to take inspiration from nature, but with this collection, Sophie Holt has interpreted the beauty of the outdoors with a certain contagious curiosity that immediately connects. A subtle colour palette of greens, browns, and pinks bring all the goodness of a garden party, while pieces such as bug and butterfly emblazoned silk scarves have a vintage feel but do so with two feet firmly in the contemporary fashion landscape (or fashion greenhouse on this occasion).

I have a feeling that with this collection Oroton has well and truly planted a seed with life long fans (such as myself) and new admirers alike. And if you will indulge me for one last nature inspired analogy… I’m more than a little excited to let nature takes it course and branch out by welcoming a few of these pieces into my closet… x

To find out a little more about our shoot, this collection and everything from styling to curing jet-lag, pop over to the Oroton Journal to read an interview with yours truly. 

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