The Summer Of George

In the lightning speed world of fast fashion,  I’ve become increasingly obsessed with a desire to search out the relatively unknown .. and I’m not just talking about latest section on Topshop here friends.  Don’t get me wrong a girl still needs her shot of Gucci-mania goodness but sometimes it’s nice to sniff out the talent on the rise.

When I first me the tall and quietly spoken George Keburia, he was as demure in person as his DM Insta-messages had let on.   Hailing from the Georgian region of Turkey, an incubator for rising fashion talent (check out Tbilisi Fashion Week and you’ll know what I mean) George is in my opinion one to watch.

His collections are a mixture of statement shoulders and 80’s tailoring with a modern day twist that has us lining up more.  George we love your eye for beauty, we loved your Fall 2017 collection and Fall 2018 has shaped up to be better again.  We cannot wait to see what you have install for us next but in the meanwhile we’ll have to wait .. I guess some things are worth waiting for though right?


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