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I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of uniforms. I was probably the only girl in high school who was more than content with the dress code (with slight rule breakers of course) and despite my interest in fashion and the constant need to be the first one to try something new as a blogger or always do something different, I’ve always felt more comfortable when I’m wearing my wardrobe staples. That’s probably why when you see me on a regular day I’ll be wearing pretty much the same things: tapered pants, boyfriend jeans, basic t-shirts or tank tops, simple non-stretch maxi dresses, oversized sweaters and my most comfortable pair of shoes. This style formula has never failed me and now we have a brand that’s creating and delivering that formula for us.

Introducing Eileen Fisher and The System ladies and gentlemen. With a focus on 8 core pieces at the heart of the system (and 19 pieces in total), Eileen Fisher wants to show the world we can do more with less, buy fewer pieces and still create endless possibilities with a simple mix & match. A more conscious closet that makes it so much easier to dress up everyday. My cluttered closet has started thanking me already.

. Black viscose long tank dress Eileen Fisher
. Black crepe pants Eileen Fisher
. White tank top Eileen Fisher

Created in collaboration with Eileen Fisher.

You can find some of the furniture pictured in this post for sale at Reixue.