The ‘Tao of Sophia’ Meeki Box

Remember I gave you guys a sneak peak of the new nail polish brand Meeki a few weeks ago? I’m selecting my favorite Meeki colors for a personalized ‘Tao of Sophia’ box, which will be available in the web shop as soon as the brand launches!

I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you that I’m not so into bright and hard colors. I’m rather tempted to stay with pastels, greys and black. I already selected one of the colors, which is gonna be a pearly kinda white called ‘snow’, as shown in the photos above. I’ve been wearing this color for a week now and I’m not getting tired of it yet. It goes so nicely with my tan; even tunes it up a bit more I guess. The pearl is not too glamorous, just a slight shimmer. Yup, a perfect Tao of Sophia color!

Now I need your help with the second color for my box. I was thinking about a pastel color. What do you guys think? A pastel pink, blue, green..? Just suggest some in the comment section and inspire me with some cool names for them!

Btw, I’ve been wearing the polish for about a week and I just got my first chip today. I don’t know about you guys, but usually I would have chips the next day. So I guess I’m safe to state that the quality is really good.

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