The Utility

I have been on a bit of an accessory roll lately, adding some really great bags to my collection. You may have noticed that I don’t own a large variety of bags. Blame it on me being picky, I just always have a hard time finding the right ones. So, when I actually do like a bag, it’ll come home with me immediately. Or, you know, it will be dropped into my digital shopping cart in a snap.

Now this number, despite it’s mini size, definitely can pack a punch. The other day I carried all my essentials, including a notebook (ok, mini size), with me on the go. It felt a bit like Hermione’s bag… (any fellow HP fans here?) The bag’s name – “The Utility” – makes so much sense now. By the way, I have been a bit of a fan girl of Kozha Numbers, the label behind this bag, so there may or may not be another one on its way to me… Oops.