The Weekend

I had lunch with a friend last weekend, it was a Saturday morning and I ordered my usual … avocado on toast with a side of lemon.  

The thing about the weekend is that I’m a creature of habit, which I might add I was reminded of by my breakfast date.  She’s a little bit more of a risk taker, the kind of friend who orders truffle omelets for breakfast with a side of  chilli jam for good measure.  Although the truffle omelet looked good, there’s something to be said about knowing what works for you and I guess it comes as no surprise that I like to stick to this theory when it comes to the sartorial decisions in life, if you catch my drift.
Take a great pair of cropped straight legged trousers (like these new favourites from, a t-shirt and some signature flats.  Much like avocado and toast you’ve got yourself a winning combination that will not let you down, meet me for breakfast this weekend … we can share my avo toast .. x

t-shirt: Balenciagia  .  trousers: Apiece Apart  .  bag: Joseph  .   shoes: Balenciaga Knife Flats

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