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The three parallel boxes that form this house in Tel Aviv all culminate in a full-height glazed wall facing the garden, while large square apertures puncture the various side walls (+ slideshow).

The T/A House in located in a private residential neighbourhood to the north of the Israeli city.

It was designed by local firm Paritzki & Liani Architects for a family of four who wanted a home centred around a private art collection.

The building’s three volumes are offset from one another to create three rows of rooms with similar proportions. Together, they dictate a pathway through the house.

This arrangement is based on ideas borrowed from vernacular architecture, including traditional buildings in the nearby port of Jaffa featuring connected spaces that facilitate social interaction.

“During the project we were thinking together with our clients how to create the maximum and comfortable space able to host family and friends,” said the architects, whose past projects include an apartment featuring perforated metal screens and a house with an exposed brickwork interior.

“We asked ourselves, how can we translate the local codes of architecture, and specifically the flow and the spaces of the Ottoman houses, in a simple piece freed from architecture?”

Four long walls create the building’s three spans, which follow the terrain of the narrow site. Their respective heights of 2.8 metres, 3.4 metres and 5 metres produce different spatial experiences inside.

The huge openings at the ends of each white-walled box incorporate sliding doors that offer a seamless transition to the garden, while the solid side elevations are punctured by square openings that sit low to the floor.

“The long interconnected parallel volumes extend the condition of the long and narrow plot,” the architects explained. “We wanted each volume – private, semi-private, public – to have a different piece and view of the garden.”

A path formed from large irregular slabs leads across a garden at the front of the property to a recessed entrance in the central volume that protects the interior from unwanted views.

The entrance opens onto a gallery space with a view along the full length of the building towards the lounge, where full-height sliding doors lead directly to the rear garden. The gallery contains the family’s art collection and functions as an intersection between the different volumes.

On one side of the gallery is a small courtyard flanked by bedrooms. A library located off the main living area leads to the master bedroom suite.

On the opposite side of the gallery is another opening to the kitchen and dining space, which connects with a large covered patio where meals can be taken outdoors.

A staircase ascends from the gallery to a writing den. This leads to a roof terrace lined with glazing, allowing residents to look down on the living areas below.

Photography is by Amit Geron.

Floor plans – click for larger image
Section – click for larger image
Side elevation – click for larger image
End elevation – click for larger image

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