Tied Together

In March I showed you my “finished” living room and talked about getting rid off more Ikea pieces. Now, 5 months later, I have another living room update. I know, I promised that my home office would be next, but I have actually eliminated that part of the home in an effort to move my work day outside of the house – which, I can tell you, has been harder than expected (I write this while sitting at my dining table…) But since the living room is probably the most used area in my home, it’s no surprise that I keep changing things up there.

The MYCS sidetables from the last post inspired me to swap my – mostly – white furniture pieces for more black. With all-white rooms (walls and floors) I felt like a little more contrast was needed to tie it all together. My main wish was to add a piece of furniture that would 1) be the main piece in the room and 2) hide away all the little random things that can make a space look so cluttered. So, I went ahead and designed/customized my second piece of furniture (side tables being the first) at MYCS: this amazing sideboard! Big enough to hold all the clutter, elegant enough to serve as the subtle statement piece to tie together my living room. I really love the addition of the legs, as it helps make the piece look less clunky. And the mirror was meant to hang above the sideboard, but I like the slightly unfinished look of just letting it lean against the wall – plus, at this angle it has the best reflection. Win!