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With a miserable hangover, I found out my macbook’s hard drive was failing last Saturday. People warned me I could have lost all my data. Funnily enough, freaking Time Machine warned me to back-up constantly the last couple of weeks. Or at least.. the warning felt more sincere than ever. I knew it was time to back-up, but you know how those things don’t feel significant until it goes wrong..

You had to see my fearful-to-fortune changing face when the technician told me that everything will work normal as soon as a certain cable is replaced. Yesterday was devoted to making back-ups and putting important data in the air. Whilst cleaning up my macbook, I encountered many travel shots from the last few years. It made me happy to see all the places I visit. I created so many beautiful memories in just such a short time.

Photo locations respectively: Albufeira (Portugal), Phoenix (Arizona), Tempe, Hoi An (Vietnam), Menorca & Lanzarote (Spanish islands), DTLA, Falesia Beach (Portugal), Bali, Hoi An, Lanzarote, Menorca, Paris, Phoenix, San Francisco, São Paulo, Tempe (Arizona), Tijuana (Mexico).

photos by me

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