Treating Myself to The Real Real

The Real



I recently discovered The Real Real and am kind of obsessed !! The Real Real is a super smart online concept of luxe consignment shopping, all authenticated, so no guessing if something is “real” thus The Real Real. Luxury items, check ! Designer brands, check ! Curated shops, check !
Think all the items you covet, have been on your wishlist forever or that item you regret not getting once upon a time, all in one place. Chanel, Celine, Givenchy…all at fraction of price. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I decide why wait ? and treated myself to some Celine sunnies, okay maybe I got 3 Celine sunnies…big, bigger and biggest !

Treat yourself and head over to The RealReal’s Obsess and Win Contest & find out how you can win a luxury item by obsessing items of your choice.