Triangle House in Thailand features gabled walls, a courtyard and a lily pond

Built beside a lily pond on the outskirts of Bangkok, these two adjoining houses both feature prominent gable walls that prompted neighbours to name the property Triangle House (+ slideshow).

Thai architect Phongphat Ueasangkhomset designed the two buildings to provide a combined residence for a single family in Nakorn Pathom. Both structures sit on the northern side of the pond, separated by a central courtyard.

The clients requested a straightforward layout, with all rooms on one level to make it easier for elderly members of the family to move around.

To achieve this, Ueasangkhomset created one rectangular and one L-shaped building, both with a typical pitched roof.

Each house has its own living room, kitchen and dining space. There are two bedrooms in one and three in the other.

“I wanted the houses to be simple and modest, yet still have their own character,” the architect told Dezeen. “With the 45-degree-sloped symmetrical and triangular roof shape, they are suited to the local climate.”

“Since built, it’s been called ‘the triangle house’ by the neighbourhood,” he added.

The site itself is also triangular, which created opportunities for several gardens around the edges of the site.

The two houses sit on opposite sides of the paved courtyard. Glass walls run along both courtyard-facing facades, so residents can open their living rooms out to the space.

This allows it to become a central meeting place, and also makes the residence “party friendly”.

“The living space and terrace of both houses are facing each other, visibly connected with large folding glass doors,” said Ueasangkhomset. “They stay open most of the day.”

Inside, the slope of the roof allows generous ceiling heights in these rooms, as well as in the adjoining kitchens. The architect said this was “because the family love to cook and spend most of the time here preparing the food, receiving family and friends”.

All of the bedrooms are located on the eastern side of the site, as far away as possible from the noise of the road.

Triangle House was completed in 2013. Similar suburban properties in Thailand include a house featuring seven-metre-high doors by TACHA_Design and a family home by all(zone) that reinterprets standardised housing.

Photography is by Chaovarith Poonphol

Project credits:

Architects: Phongphat Ueasangkhomset
Interior designer: Parnduangjai Roojnawate
Lighting designer: Phongphat Ueasangkhomset, Parnduangjai Roojnawate

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Ground floor plan – click for larger image
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