Valentino Spring 2019


“I was thinking of paradises, about artists’ colonies of the past,” said designer Pierpaolo Piccioli at the Spring 2019 Ready to Wear show this season in Paris.

Pierpaolo began to elaborate on the collection with cues to escapism, highlighting that he doesn’t believe in the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, but rather he believes everyone should just live their identities exactly where they are at that moment.

Starting off in a darker mood with a series of divine black looks featuring leather and lace, the runway soon became a colour gradient delight with look after look of bold, vivid colour and hallmark Valentino femininity. Billowing sleeves, round shoulders and sequinned extravaganzas walked down the runway alongside logo shirting and day dresses that were infinitely wearable and cool.

All the details had that signature VLNT perfection, everything from the beauty looks to the casting, right down to the floor with the feathered flats that may be somewhat impractical, but we will be seeing them everywhere next season. And baby, don’t even get me started on the oversized hat situation…

Pierpaolo Piccioli once again proved he has an innate sixth sense into what it is that women really want from fashion; power and femininity all rolled into one.

Reading the room, I don’t think I’m the only that noticed this is runway at it’s finest, it’s a rare occasion when a PFW crowd gives a standing ovation, but trust me it’s hard to stay seated when there’s so much brilliance in the air. xx

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