Versace Studio

There are girls and then there are VERSACE girls .. or should I more appropriately say Versace ‘Women’.  Versace, a brand notably applauded for embodying bold feminine beauty (well with Donatella at the helm, we would expect no less) is moving into the future, think contemporary, clean and strong.

The kind of silhouettes that your everyday tomboy likes to leave at home for a late night soiree, smoking cigarettes in dark lounges with her Tom York-ish boyfriend by here side.

With clean, strong lines and a paired back approach, it’s no wonder that the cool kids are lining up for a piece of the action.  Tomboy or not, we all love how certain clothes make us feel and with a collection like this you’ll know what I mean.

Alas as the Radiohead frontman once said ‘No-one’s body is perfect’ but at least we know that Versace has got your back.

Versace SPRING 2015

photography: Michael Naumoff  .  makeup: Renae Michelle

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