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My Bali besties Domino and Patricia and I are wearing Vintage Treasure (VT) to be part of “the generous generation”. Our lifestyle encourages us to put a clear focus on ourselves and to continuously feed our ego. Do whatever that makes you happy – is probably one of the important rules to live by. And I sure agree on that. Happiness is essential and connecting with yourself should be a basic. But it’s easy to vanish away into egoism that leads to an empty life. It’s important to keep a good balance between caring for yourself and for your fellow human being.


That’s exactly what the brand stands for: live for others and promote equality. The team behind VT supports the less privileged community in Bali. They commit to provide healthcare to the poor and they succeed in previous campaigns.

I met one of the sisters behind the brand two years ago during my Bali backpack trip. I remember she told me about this charity idea. It’s so good to see her ideas coming together and knock it off right now. Sometimes I find it hard to imagine what change a charity can make, but I have a full trust in VT fighting poverty in Bali.

You can simply support the charity by buying and wearing their clothing pieces. Do you want to spread this message as an influencer? Just contact me and I will connect you to the sisters behind VT!

Find some photos of their last event here

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