Walking On Clouds

Thanks to Pantone earlier this year for confirming my obsessions for the colour grey.  You may have come across articles on Vogue.com and Instyle, where we were all spurred on with suggestions as to which colours we should be wearing during 2016 .. and luckily for me lilac grey was one of them.   No doubt one of the safer options in the 10 trending hues Pantone suggested, but let’s be honest it’s not going to be overnight that you see me transform my wardrobe into a palette including shades named such as ‘Green Flash'(flashy indeed) or ‘Fiesta’ red … say no more.

Nope, this lady likes to ease into colour trends .. one cloudy shade of grey at a time.  Thankfully Vogue happen to agree however that a wardrobe staple should include investments that will remain timelessly wearable, so I have good reason for my slow moving enthusiasm for chromatic adventures.  However I pledge to the creative within me to start branching out in the colour stakes .. possibly starting with navy do you think that counts?

Grey Coat: Anna Quan  .  Grey Trousers: Anna Quan  .  White Shirt: TY-LR  .  Scarf: Balenciaga  .  White Bag: Similar Here .  Gold Jewellery: Man The Label  .  Sunglasses: Nick Campbell

Photography: Nat Lanyon

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