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What to wear (when you have nothing to wear)

Wearing: Top, Pants & Earrings: Net-a-porter | Shoes: Valentino

With ‘When’ being the operative word here, the situation of ‘nothing to wear’, at least for yours truly, has perhaps too high of an incident rate to warrant the parentheses. For those of us whose lives are perpetually running on ‘omw now!’ basis (and compounding), opening your wardrobe and finding an abundance of ready-to-go outfits is basically that dream you have just before waking up to a mind-grating alarm beep and a bad hair day. Yours truly being firmly within that demographic, I’ve spent years making dressing when having nothing to wear something of an art. So together with Net-a-Porter and their ‘I have nothing to wear’ campaign, I’m going to impart on you my little nuggets of wisdom, to help you know what to wear when you have nothing to wear.

1 Shop your wardrobe (and wear it wrong)

In the way that desperation often gives rise to inspiration, unlock the full potential of your wardrobe by looking at the most ordinary of pieces and wear it wrong. A daggy old coat can be cinched with a belt to be transformed into a chic dress a la Christian Dior. A pair of track pants previously reserved for ‘fat days’ (speed stripes compulsory) is the new weekend trouser. A classic button down shirt could be the most versatile item you could ever own, wear it in every which way except with both arms in and buttons in line.

2 Wear a bright colour

When creating a look out of nothing to wear, we never want to settle for a will-do look. One of the simplest ways to say ‘I really mean this outfit’ is by hazarding a block of colour. Think primaries and brights like sunshine yellow, ultramarine, and crispy apple red. A bright accessory is also always a good idea.

3 Layer for unexpected details and silhouette

Your most ordinary basics can be elevated with some unexpected layering. Try wearing a dress over pants, a camisole over a sweatshirt, a denim jacket over a blazer. Contrast pieces of differing lengths, textures and colours to play peek-a-boo with unexpected details, and to layer in a way that creates a new silhouette. With my shirt dress over a pair of wide legged pants, I’ve turned a masculine style into something unmistakably feminine. This look will take me from day to night on a weekend.

4 Add your shoe secret weapon

With a little forward planning, I highly recommend allocating shopping budget generously on some shoe secret weapons. Choose styles that are anything but basic, with bright colours and OTT embellishments. Anticipating the ‘nothing to wear’ days, these are the statement shoes that will make even the most basic white shirt and blue jean combination look like you’re just stepped off a photoshoot.

5 Top off with a power accessory

When all else fails, boost your laundry-day outfit (and your confidence, guaranteed) by popping on those big bold sculptural earrings. Nothing turns an ostensibly un-fashionable outfit into anti-fashion faster than a power accessory. But don’t over do it. Wearing one headline jewellery too many will have you teetering into Christmas tree zone.

Created in collaboration with Net-a-Porter. Find your answer at their new style destination.

Location: Paris, France | Photography: Louis Villers

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