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As your children age, it is important that they begin to take on some chores. It will help you to keep the house in order and will teach them responsibilities and skills that they will be able to make good use of in their adult life. However, you have to think carefully about the rooms that they will start cleaning. Here are some of the best where they could begin to help out with tidying up.

Their Rooms

Obviously, the first room that they should take some responsibility for will always be their own rooms. These need to be kept as clean and as tidy as possible. Though you should encourage your children to spread out and try different things and styles of play, along with that should come an understanding that they have to tidy up afterwards.

You should also make sure to teach them basics like making their bed and putting away laundry as soon as it is clean and dry. These are little habits that will make a big difference overall, and it will really help to teach your children a little bit here and there that can add up to good habits in adulthood.

A child’s bedroom is often their special place and it deserves to be cared for properly. By having your children tidy up from a young age, they will learn to gain respect for their room and belongings. If they are able to learn to tidy up as they go along, they can gain respect for their things. It will also give them a space that they really can be proud of. Whether they are hanging out with friends or just spending time on their own, they deserve a quiet space that is just theirs.


It might be a room that you want to leave until your children are slightly older but having them clean a bathroom is a great way to teach them a little responsibility. This is definitely a job for older children as they will have to handle cleaning products to be able to do a job. Even if you make your own natural bathroom cleaner, you need to make sure that they are going to be using it safely. 

You can also help to make their job a little bit easier with the right bathroom gadgets. There are so many different choices that you can make in terms of little things you can do to make the bathroom easy for them to manage. These bathroom gadgets are great options for helping with the maintenance of the bathroom overall, and it should mean that your children will be able to keep on top of cleaning better.

If the bathroom belongs to your children alone, giving them the responsibility of keeping it clean can be a great way to teach them skills. Make it clear that this is their space and you will not be touching it. Everyone appreciates having a clean bathroom, and this might be the best motivation for them.

Living Room

You can also teach your children to look after communal spaces like the living room. Since this is an area that all of the family uses, it is not necessarily fair to make your children care for it by themselves. However, there are a few ground rules that you can set.

For example, if they are going to have friends over and will be hanging out in the living room, you could make it clear that you expect them to tidy up afterwards. If they are going to be using the room, they should be prepared to look after it too. Clearing any cups and plates they use through to the kitchen and making sure that the room is straight is not too much to ask.

You could also give them a chore within the maintenance of the living room. Rather than caring for just the one room, they could be responsible for one chore that helps to keep the room looking neat. For example, you might decide that they should be in charge of vacuuming the living spaces within your home. This means that they will be vacuuming more than just the living room, but it can be a good way to give them a little responsibility and help. 


The kitchen is a great room to give older children to keep clean, especially if you want to combine this with teaching them how to cook. Cooking is a great skill to teach your children, but you need to make sure that you are teaching them how to clean up after themselves too. A good cook is able to keep their station clear as they go, and this can be just an important skill to teach as ones that actually help them to prepare food.

You could also ask them to help out with dishes. If they are ones for taking plates and cups upstairs and then not bringing them down, make it clear that you expect them to clean them themselves. It doesn’t matter if they use the dishwasher or wash things in the sink – it is just important that it is done. 

The kitchen is one of the best rooms to be in if you want to teach your children a little responsibility. Take the time to teach them how to cook and clean, and you can be sure that this part of their adult life will be taken care of properly.

Teaching your children a little responsibility can be difficult, but your home might be the perfect place to do it from. There are so many different tasks that you can give them, but having them take care of a whole room can be a great way to ensure that they hit the ground running. Whether it is their bedroom or some room that the whole family uses, it is a great way to get them involved with the running of the household – and it should give them some fantastic skills that they can use in adulthood.