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From a couple of years, we’ve clearly seen how the fashion world drastically changed. With examples ranging from designer streetwear to anything gym related, 2016,17 and 18 have been those years in which indie designers were able to establish themselves into the designer fashion field. Examples like Virgil Abloh, to reference the biggest, have been covered from both a fashion point of view and also from a business one. Let’s analyse designer streetwear in detail.


The Breaking Point: Kanye West’s Yeezys

Back in February 2015, when Kanye released its first pair of Yeezys, we’ve seen the first considerable sign for what concerns the phenomenon awareness for what concerns streetwear as a whole. In fact, the whole line was sold out in a matter of minutes, leading other designers to bigger brands like Nike (Virgil Abloh with his “the ten” collaboration, for example) to a subsequent adaptation of the “limited edition” release plan.


OFF-White and The Virgil Abloh Phenomenon

As said above, Virgil Abloh is, currently, the biggest streetwear designer in the fashion field. This is due to the fact that, basically, every single thing he touches instantly turns into gold (or “hype” as fashion victims are saying) and mostly also because he’s right now Louis Vuitton’s men’s creative director. With this, it’s important to understand the fact that Virgil has always been a creative mind playing at the highest level, from his internship at Fendi (with Kanye West) to his journey as the owner of OFF White and the current majestic work he’s doing over at Louis Vuitton.

Streetwear for Her, Is That A Thing?

When it comes to streetwear, many are simply saying that the whole matter is strictly male-oriented. Instead, we can safely say that streetwear has recently developed towards a very female-oriented approach. Let’s clarify, these are definitely not pieces that are supposed to be worn on a first date or at your prom, but they definitely have been dislocated from their “old” perspective. Therefore, streetwear for her? Why not!

What’s The Big Deal With Gymwear-Related Pieces?

It’s not hard to understand: modern designer streetwear has definitely taken inspiration from gymwear brands. In fact, most of the biggest streetwear brands are gymwear-related! Examples like Nike and Adidas are the biggest, but other relatively minor ones (like Champion, for example) are definitely better. When it comes to outfits combination, a muscle fit hoodie with a pair of ripped jeans has definitely started a big trend in 2018.


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