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After 3 years of endless suffering and depressions from the brutal Montreal winter I came to understand what all my Quebecois friends were talking about: the only way to survive the cold and get over the winter blues is to find a way to enjoy it. Well, I thought, it’s easy for them to say; going skiing or snowboarding so frequently it reminded me of the hopscotch we used to play on the streets every day, it shouldn’t be so hard to enjoy or at least not dread winter so much. I’m not so athletically talentless per se but I have no idea, passion or intention to be a part of any winter sport so I eventually had to find some other way and that is, surprise surprise, winter getaways.

I’m not such a wildlife enthusiast so my ideal weekend getaway involves a beautiful “chalet” in the woods where we can cook all morning, wander around and take photos all afternoon and play board games and roast marshmallows on log fire all night. Since I love travelling light but hate to have that “I packed 5 different hats but forgot my socks” moment, which frankly happened more times than I’m proud to admit, I kind of perfected a cabin baggage packing routine where I take the minimum amount of stuff with the maximum variety and use.

First of all, unless you are going to a fashion show or a special interview, you probably won’t be wearing anything you are not wearing on your daily life so just rely on your quotidian favorites and forget about that sequin dress. For me that list consists of sunglasses, sweaters and skinny jeans so I always pack at least two of each, and t-shirts to accompany them. Second most important thing is the lifestyle essentials such as wallets, chargers, headphones, cameras, phones, books and of course one chic, useful backpack to help you carry all that, like this 90’s inspired Topshop suede one.

Third on the list are the skincare products and that absolutely doesn’t mean make up but rather anything that will make your skin and body so relaxed you won’t miss the comfort of your home at all. An all-in-one professional brush like Clarisonic should take care of it and save up all the space you need for shoes.

Oh, shoes. The hardest part of winter packing. My trick is to wear the heaviest and comfiest boot or sneaker possible on my feet and pack the fancier or lighter one. Speaking of taking the load off the luggage and on yourself, which is a proven winner for air travel, wear the thickest coat you have with a lighter layer, like this Topshop vest, in order to not just create dimension but also to utilize and make the most of the space that is your own body. That vest will probably double as something else and make up an entirely different outfit that weekend so you’ll thank yourself later.

In terms of luggage my personal favorites are the ones that come in different sizes, like Ricardo Beverly Hills luggages, that give me the freedom to pack more if need be and would save space when storing. All other luggage options start to seem medieval to me.

Just the idea of packing can be intimidating for most people, it has been for me for a long time, but once you know what to pack exactly and where to get everything you need, which for me is Hudson’s Bay since they literally have EVERYTHING one might need to travel (or live, in general), it’s actually an entertaining activity to pack for vacations. After all I shouldn’t forget, I’m doing this to escape winter blues so every part of it should be fun.

This post was sponsored by Hudson’s Bay but the images and opinions are my own.