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It is always the finishing touches that make such a difference. Installing a patio in your backyard will be a nice addition, for sure, but to truly make the most of the space it often takes that extra bit of creative thinking to add features that really transform it.

What sort of finishing touch will feel like the cherry on top?

If you search 12 x 12 pergola for patio, for instance, you will quickly see that a luxurious structure like this will have a transformative impact on the look and feel of your patio space.

Here are some suggestions for some attractive finishing touches for your patio

A pergola can turn your backyard into a paradise

You really can’t emphasize enough how calming and enjoyable it is to spend time sitting in your backyard in beautiful surroundings.

Installing a pergola will give you the opportunity to experience those feelings on a regular basis. It is a structure that is capable of adding a lot of instant aesthetic benefits. Adding a level of visual interest that makes your patio warm and inviting.

Another good reason why a patio is such a good choice is that it is a very adaptable structure that can blend into your surroundings to provide an airy and relaxing space.

Whether you want to use a pergola as a place to sit and chill or you would like to create a space where you can dine and entertain friends and family, all of these are instantly possible with a pergola.

Whether you want to fill your patio with plants or create an outdoor living space with lighting and a more contemporary vibe a pergola is a structure that adapts to all of your individual needs and requirements.

Add some garden art

If you are sitting in your backyard and enjoying spending some time outside it is always nice to turn your attention to something in your garden space that is a real focal and talking point.

Adding some decorative finishing touches in the form of some garden art is a great solution. 

It doesn’t have to be a large or expensive item to make an impact. Whether it is a small statue or a brightly colored gazing ball, they are all capable of creating a strong visual impact.

Enjoy the calming effect of a water feature

Another great finishing touch to consider would be adding a water feature.

The great thing about a water feature is that you can have one that suits your surroundings and is as bold or discreet as you want. If you want to hear the gentle sound of cascading water or something louder and more prominent, the choice is yours.

You can create a water feature that is more contemporary, using a metallic finish, or something more traditional. Either way, a water feature is a perfect finishing touch to your backyard.

Start planning how you are going to make your patio the perfect outdoor space and get creative with those all-important finishing touches such as a stunning pergola.