Work Hard, Play Harder

Yesterday I rolled out the last of my Insta stories from Paris, a bon voyage to a whirlwind tour of hot cheesy patisseries, late night whiskey dens.. cue Bar Hemingway, and the mandatory fashion zeitgeist that is PFW.

With a schedule that was jam and errr.. hot croissant packed full of meetings in quaint French bistro’s, along with event’s on hidden rooftops, one cannot deny the insatiable appetite of the fashion industry and it’s ability to work hard and play harder.

The Belgians also seem to have it sorted with the whole work/life balance thing, so while I was closer to that neck of the woods I took it upon myself to get to know one of  Belgium’s most prestigious luxury brands Delvaux, to test run the latest offering from their luxe hand bag stable, the ‘Mutin Mini‘.

A quick glimpse of the Delvaux website will convert you to the way of the Mutin … ‘A highly resourceful, cheeky little bag that has a place for everything and is never out of place’, sounds like us right?   Or maybe at the very least the bag that we had been missing all this time anyway.

With buttery soft leather, hardware features reflecting back to Delvaux’s original heritage, and a sporty strap that can be worn across body or swung over the shoulder, this is the bag that says ..’work smarter not harder, play better not faster… oh and girls I’ll make sure that you look damn good while you’re doing it’ … sign me up, we’ll take two thank you very much.

Delvaux Mini Mutin

Creative Direction: Amanda Shadforth  .  Photography: Janneke Storm  .  Hair & Makeup: Penny Antuar

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