Your Best Christmas Party Outfit Ever

Here are our tips to help you style your best Christmas party outfit ever 

Printed Blouse, Midi Skirt & Black JumperMarks & Spencer

When you’re a lover of the simple things in life, many of which involve being in bed, simply rolling into your favourite jeans and leather jacket is probably the extent of your daily prep. So the question of the Christmas party outfit might seem altogether existential, and understandably a cause for breaking out in a cold sweat – and by ‘you’, I, of course, mean me.

I’ve been there: the awkwardly overdressed, the irredeemably underdressed, and turning up feeling like anybody but myself, then fading away behind the avocado dip for the rest of the night. But I’d like to think I went through this veritable trial of fire so I could spare you the same. In the lead up to the Christmas party season, I’ve collaborated with quintessential British retailer Marks & Spencer to show you how to put together your best Christmas Party Outfit ever. The Brits really know their way around the effortless and impossibly chic party look.

1 Play on contrasts
Going out and buying ‘the’ dress for your Christmas party outfit might seem the straight forward solution, but this won’t convey much about you except that you were clever enough to pluck something off the rack. Rather than an offhanded comment about that ‘great dress’, you and I both know that the real prize here is the gushing, ‘Wow, I love your style!’ order of compliments.  For this, I highly recommend styling an outfit that is defined by amazing contrasts. Clash prints, contrast textures and mix and match shapes. I love the juxtaposition of a glossy satin blouse with a luxe matte satin pant.

2 Dress it down
One sure fire way to build the perfect Christmas party outfit is to start with one ultra-cool statement piece and then balance it out with thoughtful staples. Even if the occasion is on the casual side, you can make something dressy work, by dressing it down. I was completely floored by this metallic skirt. To make it more occasion neutral, I paired it back with a basic black knit and sneakers. And by the way, I am one for which the sneaker is an occasion shoe – it just needs to be worn with absolute conviction.

3Be unexpected
It’s a party, so this is the one time you can let loose and be a little bit experimental with your style. Then, watch those eyes follow you around the room when you walk in rocking something completely unexpected. Keep your friends guessing by swapping your boyfriend jeans for an ultra-feminine full skirt. If you couldn’t yet find a good enough reason to own a two-piece velvet suit, this could be your Christmas party outfit done, and done.

4Stay comfortable
I am always a little baffled that people choose to wear torturous high heels and organ constricting tight clothing, when they have to stand all night and then limp to the taxi barefoot, those gorgeous heels slung sadly on a pinkie finger. How can we concentrate on being the life of the party when our clothes are making us uncomfortable? I am therefore a firm believer that comfort is absolutely a style consideration. Choose pieces that you can actually move in and shoes that are made for walking.

5Wear what you love
Now this may be the most important part of all. There’s no rule saying that you have to wear that narrow range of ‘party wear’ society expects. If cocktail dresses and bodysuits are frankly not you, then don’t sacrifice your uniqueness just to fit in with the crowd. So start your Christmas party outfit planning with pieces that you love and get you excited, and work from there.

Location:Perth, Australia | Photography: Blogger’s Boyfriend

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