YSL Kiss & Tell

You know what they say … never say never.  With a lifetime of spontaneous decision making behind me (I’ll put it this way, I’m glad that we’ve put the 90’s behind us), you’d think that I’m the first person to give anything a go, but strangely enough lipstick and I were never friends.  Through no lack of trying, in recent years I’d finally succumb to the fact that lipstick was best saved for pillowy lipped off-duty models or my mum and her coffee date crew.

Alas maybe it was just the way that I was going about it, that post high-school vigor for double denim ensembles and frosty pink lips may have not been the best way to ease on into it.  Or maybe it was even the earlier years of professional roller skating and the necessary adolescent pre-mature styling (lipstick included) that eroded my lust for a good lip.

With the makeup mishaps of yester-year fading behind me and a revitalised strength to not give up, the answer has ironically always been right in front of me.  Who else but a brand that encourages leather for every occasion, or boasts an aesthetic that’s both cool yet classic, but the notorious YSL beauty with an attitude that says ‘read my lips’.

Who would have thought that Yves Saint Laurent himself would’ve had the formula so right back in 1978, but the classic “Rouge Pur Couture” collection stands stronger today than ever before.  With the honour of working with YSL’s most iconic set of shades, it’s no wonder that I was converted to the lipstick ’cause’.  Luscious reds, juicy oranges and a new kind of nude that will make you blush, the YSL lip gang have us sorted.  So I’m proud to share the secret and ladies jump on board.. whoever said that it was rude to kiss and tell.. x

Wearing YSL “Le Rouge” and YSL ”L’Orange”.  For the full selection of YSL Rouge Pur Couture colours click  .. here

Photography: Emily Abay  .  Hair & Makeup: Max May 

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