Oracle Fox x La Prairie

Not that long ago I read the best quote from sartorial uber babe Caroline De Maigret .. ‘Enjoy the face you have today, it’s the one you’ll wish you have 10 years from now’.  Easy enough to say if you have a face like Caroline De Maigret right?

But in all honestly, let’s face it .. you’ve got to look after that baby, as nothing else is more defining than one’s freckly nose, rosy cheeks, dewy complexion or radiant smile.  Your face, one of your biggest assets, puts up with a lot of flack so why not treat it to the best elixir you can get your hands on?

You may already know that La Prairie and I have shared a romance for sometime now and so recently I was lucky enough to work alongside this beautiful brand in producing a film in celebration of their latest skin care phenomenon La Prairie Skin Caviar.  Inspired by elements bottled within this genius lotion, I’ve put together a film in celebration of my favourite simple luxuries, the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, light reflecting through water.

So with not just the sun on your skin, it’s all of the little things that lead to a beautiful life .. La  Belle Vie ..

film: Timothy Clarke  .  photography: Janneke Storm


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